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Why are keywords and a targeted resume important?

A targeted resume is very important because it will help you see an increase of interest, while job searching. The job descriptions that you are interested in are utilized to ensure there is an overlap in the resume. when those specific keywords are searched by recruiters, you are more likely to be noticed by recruiters.

What is the industry standard for a length of a resume?

  • One page for entry level

  • Up to two pages maximum for all others

  • Federal/Government resumes can be longer than two pages

How many years should be included?

Maximum of 10 years of experience. We also list the titles, if they are relevant to the job being applied to without the dates as to not age your resume.

Why do you need 3-6 website links of jobs I'm interested in applying for?

This is needed to analyze requirements and keywords in order to input within your resume so that it will increase your chances of being found by Hiring Managers and/or Recruiters.

Why is important to have achievements and numerical improvements on my resume?

This is important as it highlights your contributions and what you have to offer. It will elevate your resume and pique the interest of Hiring Managers and/or Recruiters. Examples of this could be, Improved productivity by 50% via...., Increased revenue by 20% via...., etc.

When will I receive the Word documents?

Your first drafts will be sent via PDF so that you are able to review and add comments directly on the PDF. If you are unable to add comments, please draw up a comprehensive email of changes needed and send to us so we may implement on your behalf. Once, your revisions have been completed, you will receive the Word documents.

How do I edit the resume and/or cover letter?

You will need to utilize the Word document for this after revisions are implemented. If you do not have Word on your computer, you can also go to a public library, where they typically have this available. We can also edit in the future if needed (applicable charges apply).

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