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Bored at Work? How to Get Excited About Your Job Again

Do you remember how happy you were about your job when you first acquired the position? In all likelihood, some of that excitement probably waned as your daily tasks became just the same old routine. Nowadays, it might even be a real challenge to maintain your motivation at work.

Young professional woman looking tired and bored

But what if you could feel that excitement all over again?

Knowing how to stay interested and motivated throughout the ups and downs of your job can be one of the most helpful skills you can have.

Try these tips to inspire you at work:

1. Find something that sparks your interest.

Planing and developing application templates

When you have an interest in something, you’re more likely to enjoy the time you spend doing it. Do whatever’s necessary to pique your interest in a topic.

  • For example, if the boss wants you to develop a brochure for a trade show, look at other trade show brochures. See what the rest of the industry does with the project.

2. Discover new knowledge.

Whenever you take in new information, you become more skilled at what you’re doing. As your expertise grows, so can your pay rate in your career, and that’s something exciting you can look forward to!

  • To stay motivated, adapt a pattern of continuous learning. When you find new information related to your goals at work, your level of interest is successfully cultivated. You’ll then be compelled to move forward in your work.

3. Let your creativity flow.

Creativity background with a young girl

Whenever you unleash your full power to do your job, wonderful things can happen.

Creativity sparks your imagination to do tasks in new ways and implement innovative processes that make your job seem new again.

4. Make it your own.

On a new work assignment, do your best to come up with a finished product that you’ll be impressed with. Put your own twist on it. Feel the pride of doing an outstanding job and enjoy the resulting accolades.

  • Taking ownership of a job is a key to keeping your motivation at an all-time high.

5. Decide you want to be the most exceptional worker at your place of business.

Strive to develop a name for yourself as the best office worker, insurance agent, proofreader, or whatever it is you do.

  • When you’re at the top of your game, every work assignment that comes your way allows you to show your stuff.

6. Ask for help when you need it.

Man asking for help at work

Seek assistance right away when you struggle to move forward with a project. This way, you’ll avoid generating feelings of annoyance, frustration, and disappointment in your performance.

  • Instead, you’ll say, “Wow, I see now” and move forward with renewed interest in your project.

7. Embrace your work.

View your job as an important priority in your life and keep your mind on your work when you’re at the office. Recognize that your family’s existence depends on your career.

  • Stay in touch with what you love at work and use it to maintain your motivation.

8. Let your paycheck inspire you.

The clear fact is that money motivates most of us. And when you work, you get paid. Imagine the riches that might come to you because of your high motivation for doing your job.


Re-discover why you chose your career. Use these tips to inspire you and pump up your motivation at work!


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