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4 Effective Ways To Handle A Toxic Workplace

Updated: Apr 9

We all want a job that we love. We want something to aspire to get out of bed in the morning and be as productive as possible.

Unfortunately, some workplaces can be toxic, and the idea of even going into the office can fill us with dread. We can quickly become shells of our former selves, lose our confidence, and start to resent work.

However, change can happen. Let’s explore how you might be able to banish those workplace blues!

Female co-working is looking stressed being handed with task


4 Effective Ways To Handle A Toxic Workplace

1. Always be polite.

The first way to deal with a toxic workplace is always to be polite.

Handsome looking guy looking calmly working

  • Never lose your nerve and always stay professional. Even if there is a conflict between your colleagues or a boss who isn’t supporting you, it’s essential that you remain polite.

  • People will always remember a friendly person. You will have more respect for yourself and be respected more by your colleagues if you are patient, friendly, and fair.

  • You shouldn’t allow your judgment and behavior to be clouded by people making your workplace unpleasant.

2. Avoid office politics and gossip.

We’ve all been there. You walk into the staff room, and everyone is talking about someone else.

Female co-worker whispering to her male co-worker

  • It may be an awkward situation and, just like the playground at school, there will always be one person talking negatively about another. It can cause workplace rifts and make the whole situation very negative, uncomfortable, and unpleasant.

  • Regardless of your feelings and thoughts on a situation, remain neutral. If you want to defend a friend against an unfair comment or situation, go for it, but remember to be polite, fair, nuanced, and balanced to show your careful judgment and maturity.

  • Avoid taking sides, spreading gossip, or calling people names. You should maintain your dignity and integrity.

3. Inform the relevant departments.

If a manager is causing you problems and you don’t know how to deal with them, consider contacting a department in your workplace that can offer immediate support.

  • Let them know what has been going on, and how it makes you feel, and ask them to support you.

  • Be firm but fair, and do not accuse any individual of anything false. State the facts as you see them and how you would like the situation to progress. Remember, professionalism is the key here.

4. Schedule a meeting with your boss.

If it's possible, it may be worth scheduling a meeting with your boss to discuss your issues.

group of seven people talking in a meeting

  • Consider having a team meeting so you can discuss your grievances together. It may well be that other members of staff have the same concerns as you but have not been comfortable voicing them.

  • Be fair, be firm, give everyone a chance to speak, and work out a positive action plan so you all know how to move forward.

Nobody wants to deal with a toxic workplace, so make sure you deal with situations as they arise responsibly and maturely.

There are ways to handle a toxic workplace to make the job more bearable and, hopefully, turn the workplace into a healthy environment where everyone can do the jobs that they love.


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