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Finding Wholeness in an Overwhelmed World

Updated: Apr 9

In a world of uncertainties, it is still essential that we improve all aspects of our lives. Wholeness in life thus is the complete harmony of the mind, body, and spirit. It has become the biggest desire of all human beings. It considers physical, emotional, social, and intellectual completeness.

Is it that easy to meet wholeness, especially in a world where we can only talk about what happened yesterday and today with no idea of tomorrow? Certainly not! It demands a high degree of strategic planning and discipline.

The good thing is that it is achievable, although it may not be a smooth path. Many people get themselves stressed out in their pursuit of attaining wholeness. They invest a chunk of their energy into activities aimed at facilitating the complete well-being of all aspects of their life.

This article examines ways of reclaiming your complete self. Do not be hit with the meandering flows of the issues of life. The search for wholeness is a lifelong pursuit.

Woman doing yoga outdoor in front of the beach with sun setting.


Here are six tips that will guide you toward wholeness:

1. Avoid wasting time and energy.

We each get the same 24 hours each day. You can decide how you want to spend yours. Most people spend too much time and energy on the wrong things: activities that are not in sync with their aspirations.

2. Give up on unrealistic expectations

In the quest for wholeness, people set non-viable targets for themselves. When they are unmet, depression, frustration, and disappointment set in. You cannot continue to harm your emotions. Avoid this by creating targets within your reach.

3. Do not try to live up to others' expectations.

One mistake people make is to live to please people. That’s unachievable. The expectations of others could be too big or too little for your dreams. Set the purpose of your life and live to achieve it. Accept criticisms, but do not let them be the yardstick for your success.

4. Analyze your successes and celebrate them.

Professional celebrating thier success on a project

Success is progressive and lies in the journey towards the bigger achievement.

  • It is a build-up of unique achievements that will snowball into a bulk achievement. Learn to celebrate the minor things to create a way for bigger achievements.

5. Spend time every day with yourself.

This goes beyond being alone. Take a walk, visit the zoo or museum, explore nature, and feel the fulfillment it offers. This approach is very significant for growth and personal development. It offers you the advantage of focusing on yourself.

6. Do a routine self-assessment.

A woman in deep thought overlooking the sea during sunset

Find time every day to ask yourself questions about your life. Find out where you have reached, what remains, what approach you will adopt, what kind of self-care you should explore, and similar others. This will bring focus to your dreams and ensure that you’re always moving.

As we grow older, it is also imperative that we strive to maintain a lifestyle that will ensure personal development. Wholeness stems from self-love and acceptance. Tune into your mind, body, and heart and paint a bigger picture of yourself: an image that brings out the good in you and helps you feel grateful for yourself.

The goal in life is to live to the fullest with all joy and completeness. You cannot depend on friends or family to achieve this. It comes from inside you. Peace, compassion, and joy are all within you. Activate it to your advantage and live to the fullest!


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