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How to make a trendy resume

Make your skills stand out with your creative resume!

Traditional resumes may now be boring for hiring managers. It’s time to showcase yourself and your skills with a resume that will get their attention the moment they see it. With resume optimization, we can make the ordinary become outstanding.

Visually appealing resumes can still be professional with the right tips that you can follow. Mark an impression in a highly competitive environment with these reminders

  • Know which font, size, and color are appropriate for your professional profile

In any visual material, learning the right font, size, and color has proven a significant contribution to the overall design. Remember to keep it simple yet presentable.

  • Add the complete details about your professional experiences

Do not limit your focus on the visual element of your resume. Ensure that your profile has the complete and necessary details about you like your contact information, hard and soft skills to highlight, and important work experiences. Make it easier for hiring managers to know more about your professional side and have a hassle-free way to contact them.

  • Compare resume templates online

With the help of the internet and social media, it is now effortless to check on available options for you. Part of the resume optimization process is meeting the perfect template for you. When searching for a well-designed resume template, make sure to check different options. Good thing that here in Grow and Glow Careers, we have tons of options to choose from.

Are you ready to start your own creative resume with these tips?

Let us know!

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