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How to Make Yourself More Valuable to Your Employer

It's always a good idea to make yourself a valuable asset to your employer. Making yourself more valuable to your employer doesn't just mean doing a better job. It also includes being friendly, hardworking, and motivated but there are specific things you can do that will impress them even further. The truth is, if you produce more value than your cost, you'll be less likely to be let go.

Employee knowing his value

Try some of these value-enhancing actions:

1. Find a Way to Increase Profits.

Even if you weren't specifically assigned the task, keep an open mind and brainstorm ways that the company can work more efficiently. Perhaps you could bring an idea to your manager's attention that will boost sales or reduce costs. Your boss will remember your creative thinking and appreciate that you took the initiative.

2. Be Willing to Cross-Train.

No matter what your job is, there are ways that you can learn new things in different areas. You should show interest and actively learn the ins and outs of other jobs in completely different departments. This way your employer will know that you have a deeper understanding of the business, which could lead to bigger or better opportunities.

Employees cross-training to gain more knowledge

3. Sharpen Your Skills.

Spend time delving deeper into your current skill set. Chances are that things are not as mundane as you might think. Keep your mind open to developing your skills in a different or better way.

* For example, if you work in online advertising, continue to search for diverse ways you can advertise or different networks to display your advertising. You may end up greatly improving the company's return on investment by thinking outside of the box, instead of going with what has worked in the past.

4. Take on Additional Responsibilities.

When you take on additional responsibilities, you add value to your position within the company. While you may not be issued a different title, your employer will see just how valuable you are. If cutbacks need to be made, you'd be less likely to go than someone with fewer responsibilities.

5. Work on Co-Worker Relationships.

While the people you work with don't have to become your best friends, it's important to maintain a certain level of camaraderie. Try making small talk occasionally with your co-workers and bosses on breaks or during lunches. This will help your employer remember that you mesh well with everyone in the company.

6. Take Classes.

Young man taking courses to improve his skillset

While you may already have a degree or diploma in a subject that pertains to your current job, it won't hurt to keep improving yourself by expanding your education. Remember, it's not required to go back to school, but if you have the time and resources available it could be a clever idea. More and more classes are available over the internet too, which is great for people who already work to fit their classes into their existing schedules.

While you don't have to implement all strategies at once, it's a good idea to think about doing the ones that will work for you. You may even discover that your job satisfaction increases. This becomes a win-win situation for the benefit of all!

We hope you found these tips helpful. If you are struggling or want to change your career path, check out our career coaching services on our website for more information on how to become a valuable asset to your employer.

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