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Steer Your Career in a Clear and Positive Direction

Your career is like a ship and you're the captain. You can drift along or take command to guide it in a clear and positive direction. These are some suggestions for setting your course and sticking to it so you so wind up where you want to go.

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Setting a Course for Your Career

1. Conduct a thorough self-assessment.

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Think about your interests and skills. Consider what you're good at and what you like doing. Maybe you like working independently or perform best when you're part of a team.

2. Research your options.

Once you know what you want to do, look for occupations that match up with the profile you've created. You will probably find a number of choices. A love for teaching could lead you into academia or corporate training. Consult occupational directories or ask a librarian for assistance.

3. Keep looking ahead.

Set both short-term and long-term goals. You may decide to attend three networking events in the next six months and get a more senior position within two years.

Professionals during an inhouse training of thier company

4. Continue your training.

Take advantage of opportunities to get more training and education. Some employers offer in-house programs or cover the costs for job-related courses.

5. Find a coach.

You might find it helpful to work with a career coach. This could be a paid professional or a supervisor or colleague willing to play that role.

6. Do volunteer work.

Volunteering is always a great way to give back to your community while broadening your experience. Find an organization you want to support and pick a project you want to learn more about, like accounting or events management.

7. Develop a side job.

Turn your hobby into an additional source of revenue. Over time, it may grow into a full time job doing what you love.

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8. Be proactive.

Above all, take the initiative to figure out what kind of work will be fulfilling for you. Aiming for something you care about will keep you motivated and diligent

Imagine looking back on your career with the satisfaction of accomplishing your goals and making a difference in the world. Planning ahead and making the necessary mid-course corrections will put you in charge and make your work more rewarding.


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