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JOB AND INTERVIEW ASSISTANCE TRAINING: Unlock your career potential with our comprehensive training program. This self-paced kit combines life coaching workbook and career exercises, featuring over 30 pages of valuable content. Master the art of acing interviews, crafting compelling resumes, and navigating the job market with confidence.


SELF-PACED CAREER COACHING KIT: Empower yourself to take charge of your career trajectory. Our 6-week program blends life and career coaching, offering structured exercises and worksheets for stress management, self-care, and goal setting template. Dive into deep reflection, identify your passion, and work at your own pace towards a fulfilling career.


EMPLOYMENT WORKSHEETS: Navigate the intricacies of job hunting and career planning with our meticulously crafted employment worksheets. Tailored for self-reflection and actionable insights, these tools guide you through defining realistic career goals, managing stress, and fostering a proactive mindset in your professional journey.


CAREER COACHING GUIDE: Embark on a transformative journey with our in-depth coaching guide. This 30+ page resource serves as a roadmap to discovering your true passion, eliminating stress, and setting achievable career goals. Gain clarity on your purpose and navigate the complexities of career transitions with confidence.


COACHING FORMS: Streamline your career discovery development process with our customizable coaching forms. These essential tools facilitate structured self-assessment, aiding in the identification of strengths, weaknesses, and growth areas. Organize your thoughts, set actionable plans, and propel yourself towards the life and career you've always envisioned.



Job and Interview Assistance Training:

Elevate your career prospects with our Job and Interview Assistance Training. Tailored for success, this program equips you with essential skills through self-paced modules. Uncover insider tips, master interview techniques, and access employment worksheets. Our Life Coach Guide and forms empower you to confidently navigate the Job Search Template market, ensuring you stand out and secure your dream role.


Self-Paced Career Coaching Kit:

Transform your professional trajectory with our Self-Paced Career Coaching Kit. Dive into a 30+ page guide designed to unleash your passion and guide you toward your dream career. This comprehensive 6-week program combines life and career coaching worksheets, offering structured exercises on stress management, self-care, and realistic goal setting worksheet. Discover purpose, eliminate stress, and cultivate a personalized path to success. This kit is your roadmap to a fulfilling career, whether you're contemplating a change, launching a startup, or seeking direction.



Expert guidance for acing interviews & landing your dream job guide.

  • Affordable, comprehensive 30+ page guide for dream career pursuit.
  • Structured 6-week program with coaching templates exercises & worksheets.
  • Navigate stress, self-care, and realistic career goal-setting.
  • Tools for eliminating stress, overthinking, and racing thoughts.

Job and Interview Assistance Training - Self-paced Career Coaching Kit

  • ● 30 + page self help coaching guide
    ● Structured over a 6 week self paced guideline
    ● Complete with a combination of life coaching and career coaching exercises
    ● Includes worksheets and exercises on topics of stress managements, self care and more

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