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Three women celebrating their careers because they have experienced career coaching and resume optimization.

Achieve Excellence in Your Career

With Resume Optimization and a Career Coach by your side

We are proud to celebrate more than 10 years of helping career professionals with targeted services such as resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile optimization, Career Coaching, and Recruitment.

Are you a Job Seeker that…

  Was overlooked for a promotion?
✔  Are bored within your current role?
  Wants to find a company they can grow with?
✔  Has a boss that doesn’t see your value or true potential?

Whether you’re a skilled professional, experienced manager, executive, or just starting out in your career – our team of Resume Writing Specialists and Career Specialists will help transform your job search to one you are excited to start. We provide interview-winning resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles to not only entry-level candidates, but to experienced professionals and executives looking for career transitions or promotions.

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Tailored coaching sessions that include online project management tools which make remote collaboration a breeze. 

Tailored coaching sessions that include online project management tools which make remote collaboration a breeze. 

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We have writers who have experience and that have worked in a multitude of industries, so no matter what type or size of the job, we’ve got you covered. 

Job seeker who is excited about how she used Google to find a career coach and resume specialist whenever she was very stressed in her job search. The process was successful.

Hear Straight From Our Customers

I was skeptical at first. I literally googled and found different results and pleased that I went with my gut. This was my first time working with a Career Coach and Resume specialist. I am very pleased and thankful for Kim and her patience working to meet and suit my needs for what I was looking for, when you have to pivot in life sometimes it is difficult to trust someone to help represent you (because who can sell you better than you), but I am happy that I entrusted Kim with this process at such a delicate moment in my life. I only took park in the resume and cover letter service but if her other services are a reflection of her efforts I would not doubt the product I would receive as high quality.

- Whitney F.

We help career professionals every day to achieve their goals. We are passionate about what we do and strive to be the best in the industry. Our team is dedicated to providing our clients with the tools necessary to succeed. 


We know what it takes to optimize your Job Search, Cover Letter, Resume, and Career

We have that edge when it comes to getting you noticed by Hiring Managers and Recruiters through our customized approach to resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn optimization. 

Whether it’s kick starting a new career or on the doorstep of vocational change, the minds at Grow and Glow know what it’s like to yearn for excellence in your career yet, lack the resources or the know-how to achieve it. We created Grow and Glow for that exact reason. We wanted to provide a service that helps professionals get to the next level in their career. Let us help you GROW and GLOW in your career with your resume optimization and career coaching services. 

In a Meeting

"The Best Professional Career Coaching & Resumes Services at Your Fingertips"

Welcome to Grow & Glow, your premier destination for professional resume coaching and career growth. Our dedicated team specializes in optimizing resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles to help job seekers and individuals in need of career rehabilitation achieve their vocational goals. With a focus on integrity, growth, and self-actualization, we provide personalized services that ensure your documents truly glow and stand out in the competitive job market. Join Grow & Glow today to unlock your full career potential and achieve your professional aspirations.



✔  STEP 1
Select the package and add-ons you want

**Please note that one free call is included as a introductory call. 

✔  STEP 2
Submit your resume or work history and jobs you would like to pursue (if you have any)

✔  STEP 3

With our 3-5 business day turnaround time on resume and career services, you can be sure that we will have your best interests at heart encapsulating your experience and skills.

**Please note that all revisions are accepted only via email to ensure your full satisfaction. 

What type of customers and industries have you worked with?

Our team is experienced working with a variety of job seekers from all walks of life and industries. From fresh graduates looking for the best possible internship opportunities, entry-level individuals trying to transition into management roles via promotion and executive level professionals wanting something new.

How did Grow & Glow get started with this type of work?

We understand that a resume is more than just words on paper. It's an advertisement for your abilities and experience, which means it needs to be tailored specifically towards the job you're applying for. That way when Recruiters review your application, they'll see all of those relevant skills right away without having any trouble whatsoever understanding what kind of professional you are!

Our experts take into account everything from keywords in formatting to make sure every piece falls perfectly under each category while also taking note of grammatical and/or spelling errors throughout--because let’s face facts here: if someone has typos everywhere then chances are reduced significantly. 

What is your resume writing process?

For many years, our team has been within the Human Resources and Recruitment industries, and we have seen a lot of right-fit candidates be rejected for a role they’ve applied for because their resumes were not ATS compliant. So, we decided to help those who are still figuring out how they can stand apart from the competition!

Enjoy a Wealth of Resources

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